Russian Presidential Press Secretary evaluates statements regarding plans to invade Ukraine

12.11.2021, Moscow.

Statements in the US media regarding, allegedly, existing plans for Russia to attack Ukraine are empty rhetoric aimed at stirring up tension, said Dmitry Peskov, Russian Presidential Press Secretary, on November 12 in his comments to journalists.

“Headlines like these are nothing more than empty and unfounded efforts to exacerbate tensions. Russia poses no threat to anyone,” stressed the press secretary.

This is not the first time we hear such messages, recalled Dmitry Peskov. The US has repeatedly expressed concern about the buildup of Russian troops within Russian borders. Russia has regularly stated that the military maneuvering should not cause the alarm, noted the spokesman.

Russia “poses no threat to anyone,” stressed Peskov.

On November 11, Bloomberg News reported, citing anonymous sources, that during the press briefing the US presidential administration expressed their concerns about Russia’s preparation for a potential invasion of Ukraine. The officials in Washington cited certain “multiple people familiar with the matter” as the source.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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