Vučić: If NATO does not react to violence in Kosovo, we will

27.09.2021, Belgrad.

If NATO does not react to violence against Serbs in Kosovo, then Serbia will do that, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, reports Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) on September 27.

So far, the Serbian army has only been put on high alert and has not entered the territory of Kosovo, Serbian President said.

Vučić also reiterated this to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, saying that Serbia would not send troops to Kosovo, and it would wait 24 hours for NATO’s reaction.

“If violence against our people continues, Serbia will react and will not allow it,” added Vučić.

He also said that that the meeting between NATO and EU officials which took place on September 26 made him angry.

“We have 14 MiG-29s. They thought I was joking. Doesn’t Serbia have the right to fly its helicopters or planes in the central part of Serbia? EU officials did not get angry about Kosovo’s police for a week, but they did so when Serbia showed that it would not allow being humiliated,” said Serbian President.

After Russian Ambassador Alexander Botan-Kharchenko examines military units in the south of the country, they will also be examined by the ambassadors of the US, Italy, the UK, and France, added Vučić.

The decision to stop allowing cars with Serbian license plates to enter the territory of Kosovo made by Pristina’s government is causing a conflict in southern Serbia. To implement such a decision, Kosovo moved its special police forces equipped with armored vehicles into northern Kosovo which is mostly populated by Serbs.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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