Kurginyan explains how to uncover global conspiracy

19.09.2021, Moscow.

The study of actors, rather than a conspiracy theory, will help to uncover the projects that world elites are carrying out, said philosopher, political scientist, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the program The Meaning of the Game, posted on the movement’s channel on September 17.

“The main task of a person who has taken up the relatively difficult and unpopular task of explaining to society of what kind of conspiracy society has fallen victim, to and who wants to understand something in reality, is called the study of actors, elite theory, game theory, rather than a conspiracy theory (reducing everything to only one plot),” he said.

The political scientist emphasized that the multiplicity of elite actors and projects provides for variations in trajectories, deviations from them, sudden failures, and other surprises.

Kurginyan pointed out that a group within the elite of the CIA is carrying out the “Grand Inquisitor” project that Schiller and Dostoevsky wrote about in their works. According to him, in recounting the legend of the Grand Inquisitor, these authors may have voiced what they heard in private discussions with thinkers of their time.

Nevertheless, one cannot reduce everything that is happening in world politics to the implementation of one group’s plan, Kurginyan stressed.

“…Never in human history has there been but one closed project. Conspiracies never walk alone, they come in pairs, just like misery, and not even only in pairs, but in much more serious groups. Foolishness begins we try to reduce everything to one plot of evil forces. Sometimes it’s aliens, sometimes it’s representatives of some ethnicity or some religion,” the philosopher added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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