Venezuelan authorities report terrorist attack against national power facilities

13.09.2021, Caracas.

A terrorist attack has been committed against the national power system of Venezuela, blacking out a number of regions of the country, the Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic Nestor Reverol said on September 12, TeleSUR reported.

“A new terrorist attack has been committed against the national power system, which is part of the plan of continuous sabotage unfolded in the framework of the undeclared war we are waging,” Reverol said.

He noted that the Venezuelan national power system was attacked by foreign agents fighting against the state services of the country. War for electric power has become a critical aspect of this undeclared war.

The CORPOELEC electric corporation has initiated the reconstruction works to restore electric power supply in the country’s regions.

Previously, a fire took place at a substation in the state of Aragua in eastern Venezuela, resulting in an overload and phased blackout in a number of Venezuelan states.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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