German social scientist accuses mass media of propaganda and death of journalistic profession

11.09.2021, Berlin.

The entire media industry has turned into a vicious propaganda machine that is aimed against probity and justice and without any journalistic profession, said German social scientist and writer Marcus Klöckner on September 8 in the German Rubikon magazine.

In his new book Zombie Journalism: What Will Happen after the Death of Free Speech?, Klöckner writes that the main media industry’s competency is to sow fear in close cooperation with the government. Mass media has become a fundamental danger to democracy.

In his review of the book, writer and publicist Ulrich Mies writes that Kloeckner understands the industry of main mass media quite right.  Mass media is nothing more than participants in the ongoing information war against civil society. They are belligerent.

Pharmacist and editor Annette van Gessel, commenting on the book, writes that the government and its associated information industry are concerned only with maintaining sovereignty by all treacherous means. At the same time, zombie journalists are partly responsible for that we are sliding into fascist conditions.

Professor of communicative studies Michael Mayen, in a review of the book, writes that the author of the book has provided all evidence that could have been overlooked. The book provides the best textual analysis of the many failures that occurred during the year and a half.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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