Kurginyan: Radical forces in the West are forcing Zelensky into the war

13.08.2021, Aleksandrovskoye.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is capable of intensifying the war in Donbass, political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on August 5 on Tema program on the Donetsk Union TV channel.

The sitting president of Ukraine is forced to support the party of war in Donbass, Sergey Kurginyan said.

“He [Zelensky] changed the leadership of the security and military agencies so much that it has become clear that he is just appointing people who have experience in this war, whose hands are stained with blood and who will be ready for anything. Just anything,” Kurginyan explained.

The Ukrainian leader on the one hand whines at the “Crimean Platform” about the lost territories; but on the other hand, he puts the issue of the war in Donbass on the agenda, the political scientist stressed.

According to the expert, Ukraine pushed Crimea and Donbass away from itself, scaring them to death with its fascist deeds, so this part has already been lost forever for Ukraine.

Kurginyan explained that people like Zelensky have highly accentuated personalities.

“I say, there are such crazy people with strong accentuation, as Leonhard said, an accentuated personality, not to say crazy. Such an accentuated personality is capable of anything!” Essence of Time’s leader stressed.

A person like that, when he realizes that he is losing power and the ground is slipping from under his feet, is capable of anything.

The radical forces in the West are forcing Zelensky into the war, telling him: ‘You can lose the war, it doesn’t matter – the main thing is to wage it – let the Russians respond to it, because they can’t help but respond, it’s an obligation’,” Kurginyan explained.

And then the shaky Russian-German consensus will be shattered, Kurginyan explains, adding that “it is already clear who is saying this – ‘the foggy Albion’, Great Britain.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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