Russian Senator assesses the appointment of the US special envoy for Nord Stream 2

11.08.2021, Moscow.

Federation Council member Aleksey Pushkov assesses the consequences of the appointment by the United States of a special envoy on the Nord Stream-2 pipeline on his Telegram channel, REGNUM news agency informed on August 11.

“The appointment of a new US special envoy for Nord Stream 2 means that the US will most likely oppose the putting into operation of Nord Stream 2, since they failed to prevent its construction,” Pushkov wrote.

According to him, the US will work to minimize the benefits to Russia from this project. To do this, they will not stop actively interfering in the development of the situation.

Pushkov cited the example of the appointment of a special representative for Ukraine, who worked to derail the Minsk agreements.

“There is no reason to hope that it will be different now,” he concluded.

Amos Hochstein was previously appointed senior advisor for US energy security. In his new position, his task will be to apply internationally all sorts of measures to “mitigate the risks” allegedly emanating from Nord Stream 2.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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