Syrian fighters are redeployed to Yemen

09.03.2021, Damascus.

Syrian terrorist groups have stated that they plan to send their militants to the Yemeni border, a source in Syria informed on March 9.

“The leaders of the al-Jaysh al-Watani terrorist group [organization banned in Russia] in the Afrin, Jarablus, and Aazaz areas in north-eastern Aleppo have said they want to send terrorists to Saudi Arabia, and from there to the Yemeni border for a salary of $500,” the source noted.

In 2019, Syrian terrorists were redeployed to Libya, where civil war was at the time. In 2020, militants from Syria were sent to fight in Karabakh.

The war in Yemen has been ongoing since 2014. The parties to the civil war in Yemen are the Houthis (Shiite rebels) on one side and government troops on the other. Iran and the Lebanese pro-Iranian organization Hezbollah support the Houthis, while Saudi Arabia supports the government forces.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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