A rally against Pashinyan takes place in Yerevan, veterans of special services participate in it

28.02.2021, Yerevan.

An opposition rally against Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is taking place in Yerevan on Bagramyan Avenue, Sputnik Armenia reports on February 28.

Several thousands of people have gathered in the traditional place of Pashinyan enemies — the camping near the parliament. The area is secured by many policemen. Politicians, poets, intellectuals, musicians as well as veterans of special services have come there to demand the resignation of the prime minister. The number of protesters is slightly lower than on the previous day.

“There is only the fact that the country has found itself in a deep crisis, and we must use all our experience and authority in order to find a solution to this situation,” ex-director of the Armenian National Security Service and the leader of the Homeland Party Artur Vanetsyan said to journalists.

He also shared his opinion about Pashinyan supporters’ rally, which is scheduled for March 1. According to Vanetsyan, if clashes between Pashinyan supporters and enemies occur during the opposing rallies, all responsibility will be on the country leadership.

The ex-director of the special service urged the authorities to understand that there is abnormal and non-standard situation,  the people’s nerves have been pushed to the limit. He added that it is necessary to do everything to avoid violence. 

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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