Kurginyan: US “solidarity” with Europe is the solidarity of a master with his servant

24.02.2021, Moscow.

The Trans-Atlantic solidarity between the US and Europe is a very special kind of relationship, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on February 21 on the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

US President Joe Biden spoke about Trans-Atlantic solidarity, and this was something the Europeans wanted to hear, the political scientist noted.

However, Europe is not sovereign, he added. “Therefore, when Biden says ‘Trans-Atlantic solidarity’ he says ‘Guys, we will take you back as lackeys again.’ They reply, ‘Sure! We were waiting for this, we have been helping you. We want this lackey status. We will be together…’” Kurginyan explained.

This sort of a Trans-Atlantic solidarity will be restored, and it will be against Russia, the political scientist stressed.

He also noted that any speculations that Europe may split are unrealistic. Since Europe is not sovereign, as soon as Trans-Atlantic solidarity was stated, it welcomed this decision.

Also, this possible split would have to be formalized, the political scientist added.

“As it has been already discussed, previously the world was capitalist vs. communist, but now it is Chinese-Russian authoritarian modernization-oriented vs. democratic. This split has to be formalized. A move has to be made somewhere to formalize it,” Kurginyan explained.

And this is where the issue of a major war beginning in Donbass becomes extremely acute, he added.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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