Economist: Machine is replacing Man, and this is more terrifying than fascism

23.02.2021, Moscow.

If the global economy completely switches to automated production, humanity will be under the threat of destruction. Economist, specialist in production financial tools, derivatives market trader Vyacheslav Zaychenko stated this in an interview with a Rossa Primavera News Agency’s correspondent on February 23.

The expert stressed that China is already thinking about the problem: what will happen to humans when the production of goods is fully automated? Such a situation is the reality of tomorrow, Zaychenko warned.

“De facto, humans will not be needed at all. This means that, roughly speaking, several billion people in 30 years will be out of work altogether and forever. We will have an unemployed humanity,” the economist said.

As a result of this mutation, the capitalist formation “can lead to a system that will be more terrible than any fascism,” the specialist fears. “Machine displaces Man, Man becomes unnecessary. The next step is the destruction of Man,” Zaychenko said.

No one has offered an alternative to such a world order yet: even China has not introduced anything other than birth control and the “social rating” system, the expert believes. Another project was implemented in the USSR, but its life came to a tragic end, and it will be very difficult for Russia to switch back to the autonomous regime, the expert admits.

“There was heaven in the Soviet Union, but no one liked it. People wanted capitalism, they wanted more jeans. There were more of them. Now again no one is happy. Here we have to decide, either jeans or heaven,” Zaychenko believes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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