Kurginyan: West will only accept the Russian if they are dead

17.02.2021, Aleksandrovskoe.

The West is aimed at the destruction of humanity and the Russians first of all, philosopher, political scientist, and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on February 12 on the Politkukhnya program on the Donetsk TK Union channel.

“This entire Western trend is deadly… This is an attempt to expand the technological power of civilization while Man effectively decays. This means that Man, who is increasingly being transformed into a beast, will get more and more powerful teeth to destroy those like him. This is deadly for the entire global civilization,” Kurginyan explained.

The expert believes that humanity is in a transition now. It is transforming from the human existence, which lasted from the beginning of history, from the Cro-Magnon period until the collapse of the Soviet Union, into a post-human existence.

Kurginyan reminded that Russia has made certain steps towards breaking with the West. “President Vladimir Putin, from the pragmatic point of view, has done more than whoever else for the separation [of Russia ― Rossa Primavera News Agency] from the West to take place,” the political scientist explained.

Putin’s speech on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is so important that, had it happened in the perestroika period, the Baltic States could have hardly separated from the USSR, the expert believes. The process of the disintegration of the country would not have become so disastrous in that case.

Another equally important step away from the West that Putin made is the criminalization of equating communism with fascism. This moves Russia even farther from Europe.

“One ideological step remains to be made: just to say that the entire Western trend is deadly,” Kurginyan said discussing Russia’s half-hearted policy towards Ukraine and Donbass. “Ideologically, it has been said, but not completely.”

Many in Russia as well as in Ukraine are dreaming to merge with the West, saying that Ukraine is Europe and Russia is Europe, Kurginyan noted. Elite groups and individuals seeking to become part of Europe fail to see that the West is deadly. “What is deadly?! They eat so well, and they dance so peacefully… What is deadly?! Nothing!” the political scientist explained the Westernist point of view.

It is a fundamental issue what the deadly trend coming from the West is. Realizing its deadly nature is directly related to the Russian mission of saving humanity from it. The West and Russia have always followed different paths. Russia has believed it is a successor to the Byzantine Empire, perceiving the West as a successor to Rome, and thus the Antichrist. For the Bolsheviks, the bourgeois West was “The City of the Yellow Devil,” the political scientist added.

“Until it is said that [the West] is deadly, a sweet death of Man and humanity (as they say, the end of history, the end of the human project etc.), we will not clearly establish that the Russians must save the world from this death,” Kurginyan believes.

Russia, its elites, and its people must finally make their decision on their historic mission. “To what kind of good are we leading humanity? What is our mission?” These fundamental questions have to be answered.

It is extremely important to find the answer, because the West has already sentenced Russia and the Russians to death. “The West will only accept us if we are dead. It now rejects us even as slaves. It wants destruction, and it lusts after it,” the leader of Essence of Time concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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