The Venezuelan president delivers annual address to the parliament

16.01.2021, Caracas.

In 2020, Venezuela managed to achieve self-sufficiency in some key domains, President Nicolás Maduro said on January 16 in his annual address to the National Assembly of Venezuela.

“Last year, we produced more than 400 thousand tons of food and almost achieved self-sufficiency. Production, agribusiness, industry and agriculture are reinventing themselves,” said the president.

According to him, the country managed to create alternative mechanisms at the level of the national economy, communities or families.

He pointed out that in 2020 the company Petróleos de Venezuela is going to increase its crude oil production to 1,5 million barrels per day that will be a difficult task due to the U.S. technological blockade of the country.

“The White House’s blockade and economic strangulation have provoked the country’s oil production fall by 2,153 million barrels since 2015, while the losses of gross income are estimated at more than 102 billion dollars,” stressed Maduro.

The president explained that the criminal sanctions —economic war, illegal financial and commercial blockade—  had been particularly harsh last year.

He said that the Venezuelan government will pursue the digitalization of economy. According to Maduro, at present 77% of financial transactions are operated by digital systems and only 20% in cash.

The president is convinced that this year, having renewed the parliament and adopted new laws aiming to reinforce economy and society, the country will move forward.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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