Political scientist: The US elites want to get rid of Trump

10.01.2021, Moscow.

Political scientist Evgeny Satanovsky shared his opinion about the future of US President Donald Trump after the seizure of the Capitol on January 9 on the Solovyov Live Youtube broadcast.

“Now they have to kill or imprison him,” said Satanovsky about Trump political enemies’ possible plans.

The political scientist explained that almost half of American voters support the acting president, and now they are outraged by what is happening. Satanovsky said that being a fighter Trump will not accept defeat and stop fighting.

The commentator reminded that the US history has already witnessed coups d’état. In particular, he named the 1876 presidential elections, which had been held under the pressure of the army and General Grant.

According to Satanovsky, immigrants from the Soviet Union will be among the first victims in the event of rioting in the USA.

It has been earlier reported that Donald Trump reacted very emotionally to the block of his Twitter account.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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