Witness: Unidentified people called for assaulting the Capitol

07.01.2021, Washington.

Unidentified instigators carrying US and pro-Trump flags were campaigning for assaulting the Capitol near the building, a witness named Lori Colley reported on January 6 on Twitter.

Colley reported her view of the Washington events shortly after they happened. She reported that she and her husband did not approach the Capitol because they were listening to Trumps speech, which ended shortly before the assault.

According to Colley, closer to the Capitol, near the statue they saw a group of approximately 10 people one of whom was calling for assaulting the Capitol using a megaphone. She does not know who these people were.


The witness also reported that people in the crowd could not understand what was happening, because the mobile network was poor, and no Internet connection from smartphones was available.

According to the witness, in an attempt to understand what was happening she called her brother to Florida, who told her that a breakthrough into the building of the Capitol took place, and that some people were wounded. After that Colley and her husband left the rally.

This is one of the first witness reports of calls for assaulting the Capitol supported with a photo of the campaigners.

Editorial comment

If a third party can instigate the participants of a rally to commit any unlawful acts, this is always a security mistake made by the rally organizers.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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