Suspicious “Trump supporters” take part in Capitol invasion

07.01.2021, Washington.

It might be that not supporters of the US President Donald Trump have carried out the impressive storming of the Capitol as follows from the messages posted on Twitter on January 6.

For example, a very flamboyant character in a hat with horns was seen at a BLM rally in Arizona. Trump supporters did not attend such rallies.

Another character, although wearing a cap of Trump supporter, had a tattoo on his arm in the form of an alien’s mark from the game Dishonored. This is not typical of conservative Trump supporters.

Rally organizer Ali Alexander said in a video message that there were several agitators among the peaceful Trump supporters who clearly stood out from the crowd, and that there were no people, whom he organized, in the Capitol. He explained with one message who in his opinion were the people the Capitol, “Antifa Agitation!”

The TikTok video shows this group arriving at the Capitol – they are united and completely separate from the others. At the same time, the police offer no resistance to them as they pass the security fencing, and a man behind the police shows them where to go.

Editorial comment

This information is already sufficient to cast doubt on the narrative that it was Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. And the timing was chosen so that the country would not hear evidence of election fraud during the two-hour session of Congress – it was disrupted by this invasion. And now the Democrats won’t let it take place.

For a month and a half, the Democrats and the media supporting them have been doing everything in their power to prevent the citizens of the United States from seeing evidence of fraud. And now this invasion of “Trump supporters”, looking more like disguised leftists, has derailed the only hearing about the evidence of fraud that was supposed to be broadcast nationwide.

Only one question remains: which of the US agencies with the three-letter abbreviation orchestrated this?

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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