Historian: Stalin turned the USSR into a superpower that could respond to any challenge

22.12.2020, Moscow.

Stalin carried out a gigantic transformation of the USSR and turned the country into a great superpower capable of responding to any challenge, said Soviet and Russian historian, educator, publicist, political scientist and social activist Yevgeniy Spitsyn in the There Was a Time when Prices were Lowered program published on December 22 on YouTube.

Spitsyn noted the outstanding historical greatness of the figure of Joseph Stalin. According to the scientist, there are not many political leaders comparable in scale to Stalin in world history.

“With all the negative aspects of his reign, his era, we must still recognize the main thing – he carried out a giant transformation of a huge country and turned it into a great superpower, which was able to respond to any challenge. I want to emphasize this – any challenge. Whether it was industrialization, collectivization, the great cultural revolution … victory in the war, post-war reconstruction, and so on,” Spitsyn said.

The historian has reminded that Stalin led the country in a very difficult time, but the Soviet Union has achieved fantastic results in many areas of development. Projects of grand scale were set and solved, stressed Spitsyn.

“Giant assets were invested into raising the general cultural level of the people, into education, upbringing. We had to do it simultaneously with the (post-war) reconstruction of the country and the creation of defense power,” the historian added.

Yevgeniy Spitsyn also expressed regret that the next figures after Stalin in the leadership of the Soviet Union were not worthy of the level he set. Therefore, there was a degradation of the political, cultural and scientific elite of the country, the scientist shared his opinion.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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