Coronavirus – its goals, authors, and masters. Part IX


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The prevailing global trend became dominant after the collapse of the USSR. They did not destroy the USSR to bestow the graces of the market on everyone. They did it to drive humanity into unheard-of slavery. And the COVID story is just one of the stages of this enslavement.

(Translator’s note: Part VIII of the series deals almost entirely with issues in Russian society and Russian domestic politics. It is therefore excluded from the English translation due to its doubtful relevance to the broad international audience. We thus transition from Part VII to Part IX.)

The damage to society that I am talking about cannot be mended through just political methods. It can only be rectified on a social and cultural level. This is what we call awakening. And there will be no awakening until the atomization stops and people begin to turn from confused atoms into molecules, and not only family molecules. And then into molecular chains. And then into something even bigger. Once these processes start unfolding in society, and we pull ourselves together socially and culturally, then the politics will change.

But while the slumber continues, one thing is important – to preserve our statehood, no matter how imperfect, because it still protects those who are asleep, but are capable of waking up, from that genocide, which will come as soon as this imperfect, shoddy, dubious, yet life-preserving thing called the Russian Federation disappears.

And for this statehood to be preserved, the positions must be strengthened of that part of our elite, which, albeit with flagrant inconsistency, manages to do two things.

The first is defending the state, even in all its ugliness.

The second is in building up the distance between this state and the West. For shortening this distance is absolutely disastrous.

In essence, it is a two-fold task, which is both life-saving for the country’s sleeping population and crucial in terms of the world order. I firmly believe it when I say that the present-day Russia is a rotten and very problematic log that is blocking the door that the forces of hell are trying to break through. And it blocked up this door when it seemed that Russia had already lost its ability to do anything – in such a humiliated state. But suddenly, it was Russia, not China, that started resisting.

I’ll say it again: until we can form a new civic life, until a new, non-elitist or counter-elitist social and cultural bonding begins, until civil society can strengthen itself, until a new imperial intelligentsia can form, until this intelligentsia can build strong ties with the popular majority, only one thing is important. The extent to which this or that imperfect elite of ours works to solve the twofold task of preserving the state and widening the distance between this state and the West. And also, to what extent certain actions by these elites work to solve this twofold task.

Nothing else matters. Do not look for any other criteria, look at these two. The most important thing is fighting to make everyone who is still asleep awaken. To unite together, to take form, and to structure themselves. This is what I live and work for. And I believe that sooner or later there will be thousands of people who will do such work, because their lives depend on it. And it will be practical work in society. But once it becomes effective, everything will change softly and smoothly, yet very powerfully, and it will be saved.

But now let’s talk about what happens while the slumber continues.

Even the most patriotic and anti-Western wing of our elite cannot yet and does not want to pursue a course based on acute and real confrontation with the West. Because acute and real confrontation with the West can only be carried out by putting forward a global superpower project that is an alternative to what is happening. And our entire current elite does not want any alternative conundrums. It does not want to identify itself with any alternative to the current global process. They are tired of it. “It’s all Soviet stuff, socialism, and the like… Enough of that! And we don’t need anything like the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. We just live. When they come at us, we snap at them, we come at them and react situationally. And we do not want to switch to that format. Nobody wants to – neither the most patriotic part of this elite, nor any others.

Neither Putin, nor the security forces, which many see as the most conservative, and the thus patriotic and anti-Western wing of our elite, do not want to and cannot escape the global trend… On the one hand, I like the conservative term ” global process”. On the other hand, I understand that this process is not really historical anymore and perhaps it is better to call it the global trend. However you wish. For me it is the same thing.

Well, none of our elite is ready to stand up and say publicly “take your hands off of us”, instead of just “this is how we see the truth”, our elite refuses to say “we have a mission, an alternative to the current global trend, and here is what this mission is.”

No one (I don’t see any signs that any of our current elite is ready for it) says this, nor are they ready to say it, can you see? Because they fought exactly against those who first shouted it with great conviction, and then mumbled. With this communist nomenklatura – they fought against it.

They don’t want to move to an ideocentric society. They do not want to recollect all these missions. They don’t want to unfold into a superpower again. Because as soon as such desires arise, a terrible pain suddenly arises, because you already had all this, but you abandoned it. And that now you need to bring it all back on a reduced territory, with terrible losses, and in a completely different society. It hurts. It hurts so much that it’s better not to take a stand, it’s better to say all sorts of things situationally, but not to say this most important thing.

They do not say it, because such a shift requires a deeply seated ideology. Deep, passionate, convincing, and hidden within this sleeping society. And this entire elite that I have described breathes hatred for ideology, which was the absolute prerogative of the Communist Party, which the security services hated fiercely and not without certain reasons. Their idiosyncrasy to the Communist Party, and thus to the ideology, is in the blood of this elite, along with its past and its identity. Plus, the pain of what has been lost.

Moreover, any ideology restricts situational maneuvering. You immediately get to be identified. “So that’s your ideology? That means you will go that way.”

“No,” says this elite, “we will maneuver. Russia, it is very weak and can survive only in the absence of any restrictions on maneuvering. We will move in any direction we want.”

And finally, it is objectively impossible today – I want you to hear me! – to unite with someone on the basis of an alternative world-organizing ideology. Or what I call an alternative global trend. Who are you going to unite with on this basis? It does not mean that there should not be one. To me, it is better to end up alone, but to still do it, rather than not to even try. But do you understand how strong this argument is? Who are you going to unite with in this?

And here important circumstances arise. China is not looking for such an alternative. And India even less so. Greater Asia and above all China does not want this alternative. China does not want it. It wants to prevail within the existing global trend. Listen, because this defines everything, including this COVID and our future. China wants to win within the existing global trend. It does not want to invent a new one and declare itself the bearer of this alternative. It says something about socialism when it needs to, or about it is unfinished. But it works within the existing global trend. This is the persistent desire of the entire Chinese elite.

Ideologues by Max Beckmann, 1919

Neither does India want to join any alternative trends. Maybe it was partially ready to do so at the height of the Soviet era, and even then, to a limited extent. But not now. India truly wants the Americans to use it in the same way as they used China, i.e. to significantly strengthen it. “Let them strengthen us,” says the Indian elite, “and then we’ll see.”

Suppose that Russian President Vladimir Putin would decide to challenge the global coronavirus trend. But to do this, it is necessary to challenge the global trend in general. And you can only challenge it by declaring an alternative trend. “Pay in the morning, play in the evening”. Declare an alternative trend in the morning, then pursue an alternative coronavirus policy in the evening.

Next, suppose he went for it and said that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory. Incidentally, there is no definitive evidence, it’s fifty-fifty. I am quite surprised that these fifty have been removed, though I understand why. But no one can say that it is a hundred percent proven.

But suppose it happened. What would they say to him about it? They would tell him in response: “So the virus was created in a laboratory? In whose laboratory? Do you know? Prove it. Prove it promptly as head of state. Do not offer hypotheses, prove it. And if you don’t know, why do you say anything at all? Oh, you do know? Then spit it out! Present your case on who ruined the world, and put the evidence on the table.”

I repeat that there is no one hundred percent certainty. There are two equal positions. According to one, it is artificial, but according to the other, it is not. And every day, certain Nobel laureates, certain authoritative physicians, certain influential political figures say that the coronavirus is artificial. Then others immediately begin to be violently deny it.

It is one thing to have freedom of discussion and to form public opinion, but the inexorable thesis of the state is a completely different matter. Having said “A” – you must say “B”. If you say “B”, then declare war on the demon. Everyone else will step aside.

A politician who says, “I am presenting the evidence, and I will behave accordingly,” may find himself in a difficult position with China. Because China absolutely does not want to insist on the version that the coronavirus is artificially created by the Americans. China insists on there being no artificiality. That is in its interest.

Then the main question arises about the meaning of such actions by China.

Let me explain again. China wants to become number one within the existing global trend. And for this purpose, it is prepared for a very complex dialogue with the United States. And especially with the U.S. Democrats, who promote this globalism that China needs. China has absolutely no problem with Trump flying to hell. Perhaps China’s position will change. It may realize that it is being put under serious pressure. But this position has been unchanged, for China is unchanged since the late 1980s , since the approval of Deng Xiaoping’s modernization strategy (and Chinese society is very inertial, and the elite, especially conservative). The Chinese are very reluctant to change their strategies.

China is determined to fit into globalization and win the globalization game. It is not protesting against the globalization trend. It does not say that it is the Antichrist. It plays by the rules of this trend in everything – in digitalization, in vaccination, in quarantines, in global free trade, in freedom of movement – in everything. Because it is beneficial to China. What exactly China will do when it wins within this global trend, and whether it can win within this imposed framework, is a separate question.

But the Chinese elite has never been worried about a certain decrease in freedom for ordinary Chinese. This lack of freedom, which Confucius and many others had justified, is written in the Chinese cultural code, and it is associated with many things. Including the cyclicality that underlies all of Chinese metaphysics and the entire Chinese culture. Chinese society can absorb progress and win. But it does not want history, in its core it has no desire for history because it believes that everything is cyclical, and that this is how it should be.

Chinese leadership has the ability to lock up its population in any quarantine, and to do so instantly, and the population will support this. The Chinese leadership also has this support, based on the fact that China is home to the Chinese, and on the administrative capabilities of a super-party, and everything that goes with it. And we do not have either of those things.

In addition, post-Soviet Russia is very strongly integrated into the specific components of the global trend. It is hard for the average citizen to even imagine to what extent. Some person might believe that the food on his table is of Russian origin. But really, we have relics remaining of our food industry. But the main part of this industry, I insist, belongs to foreign companies. It’s the same with our pharmaceuticals. And many other things.

It is dangerous for us to continue in this trend. But when it comes to sharply breaking with it, first of all, no one wants to, and secondly, it’s also dangerous.

And now about what is happening. People may say: “You are giving these general pictures, speak specifically!” But without a general picture, you can’t have specifics.

What is Sobyanin doing in Moscow? He wants to fit right in with the trend, following the rest of the world. And he knows about this trend firsthand. Because the world I describe is very tightly integrated at the elite level. But Sobyanin does not even care about whether those who are organizing a COVID frenzy are right. He just sees that these are very powerful people, who fully understand the global trend, and who themselves are organizing it. And all he wants is to imitate them, to be more righteous than this “pope”. This is called political mimesis.

But how he imitates it depends on his competence, his bureaucracy, the administrative and medical infrastructure available to him (which he himself has downsized), his expert circle, which relays all these Ferguson reports to him, and his ability to understand something about what is happening. To understand. To understand means, even without having the competence (where could he have it from?), to understand who is competent and who you should listen to. He has frighteningly little. But the political instinct suggests that one cannot act sluggishly, but he can and should act with administrative rage. And he knows how to do that. Moreover, he has a sacred belief that The Light comes from abroad, and if they do something there, then they have their reasons, and we should do the same. Everything else is from the evil one.

And what is Putin doing? He is doing the same thing as Trump, don’t you see? In other words, he does not trust the COVID frenzy, he feels trickery in this frenzy. He feels that, among other things, it is a hole being dug for him. But at the same time, he does not want to sharply break away, understanding what he will then face. To be labeled a “Killer of people!”

And you can’t shut all these mouths, including the global ones, without dissociating yourself from the existing global trend. Just increasing the distance between the West and yourself is necessary, but not enough. That is wonderful, from my point of view. But you have increased it, and then what? Explain something not by magnitude, but by vector. Everyone is going one way, and where are you going? That is important. It’s not even ideology – it’s a mission, it’s a global trend.

They will say, “But Lukashenko pulled away.”

Okay, he pulled away… He said, “I call this coronavirus a psychosis, and I will never change my position, because you and I have gone through many psychoses already, and we know where it led to. I am absolutely convinced that this is another such psychosis, which will benefit one group at someone’s expense. Why do I behave like this? Because I am absolutely convinced that the panic will harm us more than from the virus itself.

A few countries pulled away, like Sweden, realizing that there will be no powerful confrontation within these countries, and that the West is too busy right now to care about them, and that they don’t make much of a difference.

It is a small country. It is not under such tight supervision, though that still exists. Belarus is internally a very conservative country. It has some liberal groups; and of course, someone wants to rock the boat, but overall it is very conservative.

Russia is not Belarus. It is more deeply tied to the West, it has a different population, a different kind of intelligentsia, a different kind of international observation, and much, much more. That means it is a country engaged in the global game. And it can either play by alternative rules everywhere, or start maneuvering.

Sobyanin will not maneuver, he will play perfect. “We will do exactly what the West says. All together now! One by one, with your hands behind your back!” And so on.

Putin will play his game within the same global trend. But with reservations (like Trump). Sobyanin wanted to play with even fewer reservations, but without bothering Putin. When Sobyanin realized that he was already bothering him, he took an obedient stance. But these are two politicians who want to play the same game with more or less reservations.

Both Trump and those who are alternatives to Trump, again, do the same, with more or less reservations.

You can’t just have a little “roadside picnic.”

The only alternative is to say directly: the coronavirus game (whether it’s artificial or natural) is a part of a terrible global trend, which we can’t accept. We refuse to fit in, and we offer the world a different trend, at our own risk.

But at the moment there are not even signs of something like this on the horizon. And without these signs, everything will be part of the COVID game, with more or less reservations. Softer or harder, but still the same thing.

The last time someone seriously discussed an alternative game was at some 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (not at the 25th), and even then with the Yalta caveats. Since then, no one has spoken about it with real conviction. And that is the tragedy of humanity. And it is strange to demand this from an elite that wants its own country to enter Western civilization one way or another.

First, we must completely reject this entry, and proclaim a different course, not to simply distance ourselves. Again, distancing is wonderful, but it is not enough. You need a different vector! One marked as forcefully as with the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact. And then – a different attitude towards the coronavirus. Although, I repeat, there are no final judgments either about it being artificial or natural. Many things suggest that it is artificial. If every day it reveals more and more sensational qualities that nature has never had before, then what the hell is it? Mother Nature is very conservative, has she suddenly gone mad? Why the laboratory has gone mad one can explain, especially if it’s engaged in biological warfare. But why would nature go mad like this?

All this suggests that it may well be artificial. But even if it is, that’s not what’s important. Or, to be more precise, not only that.

The thing is that this COVID is disrupting life, and it is clearly leading to hell, and we must resist it. But we can only resist this by saying: “This is a malicious global trend, and we don’t care who follows it, even if it’s everyone. Here is our way.”

But, having declared this or having introduced amendments to the Constitution and preparing to declare this, it is necessary to rapidly build up our autarky in terms of medicine, pharmacology, the food industry, self-sufficiency in general, of culture, of information, or the elite – everything. If we do not start building it up, no rhetoric can save us from the darkness that is crawling upon our country and upon humanity.

I’ll say it again: for now, there is one global trend, and not even the suggestion of an alternative. Our elite (the way it is, and the way it was created during all the post-Soviet and late Soviet decades), lives by this trend. As long as there is only this trend, and our elite lives by it, with or without reservations, we will have what is happening now.

Due to its pragmatism, our elite is still confident that the Western elite is also pragmatic. And that we can come to an agreement with it. Where does this piety come from before the likes of Kissinger? For our elite, he was the embodiment of pragmatism and openness to making a deal. But it is not the Kissingers who are coming to power in the West. I will show in this program, that those who are seizing power are rabid ideological fanatics who want our extermination and the enslavement of humanity.

The global trend that we don’t want to give up is helpless in the claws of the global elite. And it is unlikely that anyone will rip it out of these claws.

Our elite does not understand this. It will only change under tremendous pressure. Only then will the segment of this elite, which wants to enter the West in fragments, finally jump out the way, like Gorbachev’s advisors did at the end of perestroika. Only then will the elite mass exodus begin. It will begin right before the catastrophe, when it becomes obvious, and with the corresponding Western approval. And then it will be either a terrible defeat, or some new prospects. Everything else is details.

To be honest, the chances of saving Russia in the current global trend are quite low. But if these chances do exist; then in my understanding, they come from new socio-cultural bonds in the part of our society that has nothing to do with the elite. In what can be called the civil society.

Some of the wonderful people who respond to my program will begin to exclaim: “But what about our bosses?! Won’t they do something?! Oh, my God!”

Everything now doesn’t depend on the bosses! I told you everything I could about the bosses. Everything depends on you. On whether you will awaken, and on what you start doing with yourself, on your small scale, with your personal truth, with your view of life. There, in each of you, in your awakening, is Russia’s death or its salvation, not in the bosses. Give up these paternalistic hopes. So far, even telling the difference between good and evil seems impossible in a sleeping society. It sleeps on the run. It sleeps feverishly.

There is Putin, and many opinions exist expressed about him. And who is the alternative? How does the country choose its heroes? The way it chose them at the beginning of the crisis in Donbass?

Strelkov sat there with a sneaky look, muttering something unintelligible. Then he ran away. What did everyone shout? “Here, here he is, our savior, our hero!” Why? Because they were asleep. Because it feels good to identify with something, when you’re half-asleep. Is the same thing not happening now?

“Have you eyes?” – Hamlet asks his mother, showing her the difference between her first husband (his father) and King Claudius, who killed his own brother. This question is very tricky. It is not only political, it is almost metaphysical, and at the same time politically fateful. Because a sleeping person has no eyes capable of seeing the truth.

I remember all this from the clashes in Donetsk, when sleeping people made a traitor and a lowlife out to be a hero. I’m not picking at some individual case, for this kind of thing happens regularly.

The Serenity of the Scholar by Giorgio de Chirico, 1914.

And what happened with Yeltsin? I told the representatives of our technical intelligentsia: “Just look at him, I know him by the city party committee. Why do you cling to him? What did you find in him?” And they’re sleeping on the run… “Yeltsin is our savior!”

Did the same thing not happen with Gorbachev? Didn’t they yell: “Gorby, Gorby!”? And then did they not start shouting: “You spotted bastard!”?

It happens all the time! It’ s like some kind of nightmare! “Don’t you dare deprive us of our illusions!”

“I will never forgive Kurginyan for being right in the end,” said one such sleeper when things became entirely obvious in Donetsk.

And what, now it’s deja vu all over again? You see someone (I won’t even say who), who you can tell by his face that he is a nobody, and he would never take a single step without someone telling him to. But since you are asleep, you again delegate your sleeping expectations to someone else. To this person, to that one…

You have to wake up and realize that a burning smell is in the air. That if you stay asleep, you’re going to die.

You need knowledge to wake up. And knowledge means nothing without being. Only putting your knowledge together with your being has any meaning. Gaining your being, that is, the capacity to distinguish between things and act, is a painful process. But you have to undertake it with determination. And you have to see the difference between this determination and the willingness to see dreams about waking up.

The mass COVID hysteria will lead to an exodus from the big cities, people will begin to think about how they can provide for their lives together with their kindred souls, this circle of kindred souls will expand beyond their own families, a certain evening out of relationships both within and outside the family will begin. That’s when big politics will begin.

But because I believe in knowledge as a means of awakening, and people have a demand for it as a hope, I will continue my analysis of the COVID madness, understanding which is essential for anyone who wants to make sense not only of global politics, but of our own domestic politics. One is intimately connected with the other.

How are they related? Isn’t it clear? Our oligarchy and Gates’ Davos are one and the same. And our oligarchy is firmly connected to the segment of the elite that is focused on “joining the West in pieces.” Who are focused in capitulating to the West. In order to continue to exploit the divided Russia as a 100% colonial administration.

“We will be the administration there. Even if it’s colonial, even if Russia is divided, people like us will be necessary.”

Is it like that, or not? It is.

The Western pharmaceutical industry dominates when it comes to producing drugs in our country. Does it do so without being integrated into our political elite? They shout about this integration wherever you go. Whether this shouting is well-founded, or whether it’s part of some competitive games is a different matter. But you hear the shouting!

What are many of these drugs that are supposed to be ours? They are, at best, generics. So, let’s base everything off the need to build a different future, but at the same time let’s agree that the present is what we have. To paraphrase Stalin, “I don’t have any other elites for the post-Soviet citizens who voted for Yeltsin in the 1993 referendum.”

And since this is the case, the question of who exactly holds what position in the global coronavirus game, which is part of an altogether bigger game, is even more relevant.

Who today has become the beneficiary of certain new possibilities that the COVID frenzy has bestowed?

For example, Joe Biden who has managed as a result of COVID frenzy to greatly overtake Trump. And as the next waves of this frenzy unfold, he may well defeat Trump [Please note this article came out in Russian on August 23, 2020 – translator’s comment]. The price of that victory is about $50 trillion, if not more.

There are two major competing polling aggregators in the United States: Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight.

Real Clear Politics is headed by the former president of the White House Correspondents Association, Harvard University political scientist Carl Cannon and political journalist Tom Bevan, who has worked with Fox News (that is, conservatives) as well as with CNN, MSNBC, and others. In 2015, the site’s team bought it from its former partner, Forbes magazine, which had previously held a controlling stake. And this Real Clear Politics is one of the polling aggregators, a very important one.

The other competing aggregator FiveThirtyEight was founded by statistical economist Nathaniel Silver, and it is owned by the Disney Corporation.

Both aggregators follow a similar methodology, tracking polls from various polling agencies such as Pew, Rasmussen, Fox News, CNN, and surveys conducted by university teams.

According to Real Clear Politics, Biden managed to more than double his lead over Trump between February 24 and June 21, 2020, from 4.3% to 9.8%.

You can’ t trust any aggregators. But if it is true – do you realize that everything was done for the sake of that 5.5%? Because they hold the keys to destiny, trillions, world power, and the global trend.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden was 3.8% ahead of Trump at the end of February. By the end of June, Biden’s lead was 9.6%.

That’s what you’ve been locked up inside for. Do you think differently? The chickens in the coops also don’t think they’re all living to be barbequed, but that their lives are meant for something else.

As we can see, the data from both competing aggregators on how Trump’s and Biden’s ratings have been changing are very similar. Biden’s rating has always been ahead of Trump throughout 2020, but over the past few months we have noticed a serious and decisive increase in Biden’s lead over his rival.

That doesn’t mean that Trump will necessarily lose. No one knows how the American majority will react. What is middle America? But for now, these 5% have been gained. And why not keep a few billion people locked behind their doors for that? Why not destroy the industry? Nothing to it!

What about Trump? He can’t not understand this. Is it possible that, realizing this, he will agree to take part in the next waves of the COVID frenzy? These next waves that everyone keeps talking about.

Certain forces restrain Trump. And I intend to discuss which ones these are in this program. Trump loses either way. If he tightens the screws called “the new wave of the COVID frenzy,” he will be bombarded with criticism from opponents accusing him of doing it badly. But if he starts resisting the new wave of the COVID frenzy, he will be swept away. Because his detractors will accuse him of killing an enormous number of people.

So, Trump, on the one hand, is trying quietly to spare the US from a new wave of COVID hysteria; but on the other hand, he insists on life-saving nature of the quarantines, which are politically deadly for him. Does this remind you of anything in our politics? Trump talks about how they have saved millions of American lives. (Who told him about those millions? Wouldn’t that be the same Ferguson? It was literally him. Literally!) What is he supposed to do?

“Why did you lock us up?”

“I saved you! But let us somehow relax these restrictions… We will say here and there that they aren’t necessary… Quietly… But let’s keep it on the DL. Otherwise, they’ll yell that I’m ready to kill millions of people for my election. We don’t need that!

The same thing is happening in most other countries. It is very difficult to avoid becoming involved in the COVID insanity.

First, because if this hysteria has been launched in your country, the most you can do in response is to minimize it in a certain way. And what does “if it has been launched” mean? If there are forces in the country who want to launch it, they will launch it. And since the international media system and the international professional community, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, are also involved in promoting it, everything can be launched, even without any particularly zealous proponents inside your country. And they can be found; but if necessary, it can also all be launched from the outside… I am not referring here to Trump, as you understand, but to our long-suffering homeland.

In order to avoid this hysteria, it is necessary, again, either for your population to be less susceptible to it, and for your country not to be among the main territories of this hysteria, or to completely uncouple and to declare an alternative mission. To say that the entire global trend is disgusting, and that these COVID affairs are a particularly toxic and disgusting part of this trend.

But this is not something Trump would do, nor Xi Jinping, nor Putin. So far, no one is willing to do so. Everyone is focused, first, on internal circumstances, and second, on the external situation, because everything cannot be reduced to domestic issues; one has to conduct a certain foreign policy. In other words, to position themselves in a certain way with respect to the so-called global trend. Which is the central figure in this story.

When I say “first,” I mean the hysteria being launched in one’s own country – both organic, where you have your own internal groups that want the hysteria, and transmitted from the outside, when others introduce the hysteria onto your territory. All this comes first.

Secondly, it doesn’t all come down just to that.

Again, perhaps the Chinese could have curtailed the COVID alarmism on their territory. But they figured out very quickly what was going on. And they realized that if they would not be effective in the fight against COVID (whether or not it is blown out of proportion is beside the point), then they would come under attack with excessive force. And this is highly undesirable for the Chinese Communist Party in its current framework. It has been undesirable for a long time, ever since Maoism was abandoned. So, China began to look around to see what it could do so that the bastards involved in promoting the hysteria would not attack with excessive force. They thought, and then they realized what they had to do. They had to take the lead in the process. If you cannot undo it, take the lead. So, they did. Though their capabilities are unparalleled.

“See what we did? And what are you going say now? Can you say that we are wild Asian animals who kill people, that we have people dying, and we are hiding it? No! We are the people who have tightened the screws like no one else. And we won! We produced drugs, we are selling them to the world. Now what are you going to yell about? Go ahead and try talking about our labs! We’ll tell you all about yours. So, let’s not do this. The virus occurred naturally. And we’re ahead of the rest of the world.”

For the Chinese strategy of winning through leadership in the global trend to change, something extraordinary has to happen. Until it happens, the Chinese will do everything to hype up COVID not less, but more than the United States, proving that they are champions in everything: in the production of electronics, in the fight against COVID – in everything, including vaccination, and that no one can make them out to be a “infernal hotbed of the deadly worldwide contagion.”

So, the question is not why the Chinese are behaving the way they do. That’s understandable.

The question is who is organizing the trend. Who is the master? Who holds this global trend in his grip? I will soon go on to discuss this. But first, we must recognize that the trend itself is something to be reckoned with, that it is dealing out the cards in this game.

Someone plays by these rules, because he wants to be number one.

Someone plays by them, because he wants to survive in the given trend.

Someone else realizes that he’s not under too much pressure, and his people are calm, and he moves to the side.

Someone is destined to be on the sidelines of this trend.

Some are assigned the role in the global trend of relatively independent components.

But the central issue isn’t this, it’s the trend.

The USSR was outside of the trend for a very long time. And to some extent, it had its own abilities to set the trend. Alternative to those of the anti-Soviet world. This was life-saving for Soviet citizens. And for the world. But that is in the past.

The collapse of the USSR happened because it abandoned its own global trend. Some people call this abandonment: “defeat in the Cold War”, others say “entry into the civilized world”, etc. In any case, the Russian Federation in its present form, with the kind of elite that I have described (and we don’t have another one) is flagrantly unprepared to present the world with some alternative trend – both in terms of values and in terms of a way of life. But are the people ready for this?

At first, the Russian Federation meekly obeyed the trend, but then began to maneuver in the current, and this is evident. That being said, the Russian Federation was still moving in the current of the global trend. But it assured itself that there is not a single current, but several currents. And you can pick between them.

But there is really only one current. And to move in it is to move to one’s doom. They tell us, for example, that digitalization is an inevitability arising from technological progress. And that we can only submit to this inevitability. And try to not become an outcast, so as not to be eliminated in the context of digitalization.

But digitalization is not an inevitability, but something else. To some extent, it certainly is inevitable, if we look at it as computers, cell phones, gadgets, etc. There is an inevitability in the form of rifles, cannons, machine guns, airplanes, radio – the world is changing. But then what? Reacting to this position of inevitability, Alexander Blok wrote in his remarkable poem “Retribution”:


But what of Man? In roaring steel

In fire, in black gunpowder smoke

What kind of fiery expanses

Have manifested to your eyes?

Machines – what do they say in rumbling?

Why do propellers scream and cut through

The dark, the cold, the empty fog?


This question was acutely relevant at the time of Blok, who understood that the lack of proportionality between human development and technological progress would lead to the death of civilization, rather than to a transition to a new phase.

The billions of those, who are asleep, and whom this trend is pushing to degradation, can only kill each other and die. So, the question of the human being is more important than the question of digitalization. And this question has a direct bearing on the analytics of COVID.

Who benefits from COVID-19 besides the pharmaceutical companies? Well, of course, the anti-Trump forces in the US, who are playing the COVID card against this inconvenient American president. But they’re not the only ones. It’s not only pharma. And it’s not just the pharma and all of big business, which is getting trillions of dollars in aid. There is something else.


The City of the Captive Globe Project, New York, New York, Axonometric by Rem Koolhaas, Madelon Vriesendorp, 1972.


hat does self-isolation entail? It’s an enormous increase in the extent to which we are chained to the Internet. To what I once called in one of my works not even a virtual world, but a “Virtual Earth” or “Virtland.”

Distance education chains people to this Virtland even more. Here we are talking about the simplest and most obvious form of shackling.

The need to order everything you need while distancing yourself leads to the same thing. Order it through Virtland.

The change in lifestyle leads to the same thing. Now you must live in Virtland. Stare at your computer, and don’t breathe. Or breathe quietly.

In other words, the most obvious main beneficiary of COVID frenzy is Virtland.

And then there’s the data collected by the bureaucracy to service the quarantined citizens. Where does it go? To Virtland.

What is the bureaucracy? The state is feeble in relation to Virtland.

Whether or not Yandex belongs to Russia is a separate question. But the fact that this Yandex is a drop in the sea in relation to the global Virtland is obvious. Yandex is not even a hundredth, it is a thousandth of this Virtland. Yandex has a capitalization of about ten billion, and Virtland’s combined capitalization is many trillions. And again, who this Yandex really belongs to is a separate question.

Look who has gotten wildly richer in recent quarantine months. It is first and foremost the billionaires from Virtland, who are busy coddling the consumer, upon whom a new way of life has been imposed, catering to these new trends.

Maybe you would like to go to a restaurant – it’s nice, and without the Virtland. But you can’t! You have to go to Virtland. And you can’t go to the store. Go to Virtland.

You want to teach your children? Go to Virtland.

You need leisure? Draw it from Virtland.

You want to know about new misfortunes? Go to Virtland. Where else? As Dostoyevsky’s hero said, “when you have absolutely nowhere to turn.”

What’s happening in Virtland? Is it just passively providing services? I, for one, do not believe that the full control of people’s brains through implanted electronics is coming anytime soon. It will eventually creep up on humanity, but not right now. Not quite yet.

But another source of danger is close at hand. Already now, huge computers, the capabilities of which have increased dramatically, are processing more than just the information that the government collects (that’s part of the issue). The biggest masters of Virtland have been processing the information that you address to them, and they will continue to process it in increasing quantities. All the way down to individual semantics, lifestyles, psychological nuances, and much more.

Of course, this is still only one of the intermediate stages of enslavement. But the availability of such data in vast quantities, which are rapidly being processed, is a power of immense proportions. And it’s all already looming on the horizon. We have already practically entered this stage. And everything else will emerge in further stages of the deployment of the same global trend, which aims to pull Man into this maximum security Virtland. To then first crush Man, and then to destroy him.

This is what Virtland’s absolute global domination means, which comes from moving in the direction set by this global trend, which does not exist by itself, but is in the grasp of certain claws.

We shall get to the claws in due time. First about Virtland.

On the one hand, one begins to sacrifice more and more to this Virtland.

On the other hand, Man will change so that he will be increasingly incapable to resisting Virtland.

On the third hand, he will be driven to Virtland through all sorts of fearmongering.

And on the fourth hand, the fears will melt his brain. And the loneliness that the fears impose will destroy his soul.

Only one conclusion is possible, that the current global trend of “virtualization,” is incompatible with humanity. And since it is so, then we have every right to call it doom-ridden. It is necessary to escape this doom. One cannot live in it. There can be no other view on what is happening, since people are not indignant for some individual reasons (even about this COVID frenzy); instead, they want to understand what is happening in order to awaken. No one will awaken until he or she has experienced this doom holistically, and has reacted to it with the utmost unbridled passion.

But a half-destroyed sleeper cannot forcefully react to doom. He might do some twitching in his sleep – no more. In that dream, he pretends to confront the doom. But most importantly, he can’t live through it for real. His emotional apparatus is already half-broken. He is afraid of emotions. Because he is fragile and suspects that his emotions, when turned on full blast, will break him permanently, instead of saving him.

This means he does not fight to save himself; instead, he twitches for one individual reason or another. But he cannot fully experience the scale of the doom; therefore, he cannot comprehend it.

Without comprehending this and not being able to truly experience it, he cannot truly turn away from the doom. In his sleep, he keeps threatening some devastator with the iron fist of the people’s wrath… It takes a very deep sleep to mutter something like that. One has to not at all understand the the degree of the doom and its power in order to mutter this way.

I can only ask those muttering:

“Have you already given your children up to perish, or are you planning to do so soon?

What are you even going to do with the children? Just answer this question directly.

And who are you to do anything with them? Do you yourselves have any being? Have you awakened, or are you broken?

Suppose you have awakened. Then what?

Doom is everywhere. Will you lock your child up at home?

Will you not send him to kindergarten and school?

And you will forbid him to go outside?

Then how is he supposed to go through socialization, and what will he be without it? And when will he begin to rebel against this? What forms will this rebellion take?

What will you do about it when the various forms of child protective services have you tied by your hands and feet?

Will you try to create a full-fledged alternative environment for your child?

Okay, then you are heroes. This is the beginning of civic action at its most basic level.

But how will you create this environment?

How will you defend it psychologically, socially, existentially, and in the real meaning?

You have to have some kind of unity for that. And how long will it last in your unarmed state? Two weeks, three months?

How much time will pass before you will find yourselves under the influence of all that was imposed upon you by the victor of the Cold War, who planned your enslavement through depravity? And who has succeeded to a considerable degree.”

But the most important thing is the damn trend. It became dominant after the collapse of the USSR. They did not destroy the USSR to bestow the graces of the market on everyone. They did it to drive humanity into unheard-of slavery. And the COVID story is just one of the stages of this enslavement. With its Virtlands and all.

But who wants to enslave humanity like that? The trend itself is not behind this. It is the one who clearly has this trend in his claws. And who is this vulture?

For all the importance of the game that the pharmaceutical companies are playing, which I have already described and will continue to describe in this program, it cannot all be reduced to this. There are even more powerful forces fueling this game. You have to go in order, from the lesser to the greater. And these are not some abstract “behind the scenes” actors; they are quite specific. And we should discuss them specifically. Not on the level of general words. I promised that in this program I would do just that, and I am fulfilling that promise.

What do those who are fueling the frenzy want COVID-19 to do? They want it to become the next stage of the enslavement.

What do these specific forces propose using in order to implement these new stages of enslavement (i.e. dehumanization, an attack on Man and humanity)? Through a so-called transforming event. Or a series of transforming events.

Can COVID-19 be called a transforming event? Yes, it can.

And who has spoken and continues to speak about the need for such events with the most cannibalistic passion? Saying at the same time that a transforming event is necessary, and that it will subject everyone to American domination, and that this event can be and must be biological… Who speaks about all this at once with the most cannibalistic passion, one that is reserved for people who have not only the ability to talk at their disposal, but also something entirely different?

I will try to answer this question with the specificity that the current, truly extraordinary situation demands.


(To be continued.)


Source (for copy):


This is the translation of the ninth article (first published in the “Essence of Time” newspaper issue 391 on August 23, 2020) by Sergey Kurginyan.

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