Oriental studies expert: Turkey is just implementing British Pan-Turkic project

16.12.2020, Tehran.

Turkey is just implementing the pan-Turkic projects developed by the United Kingdom, oriental studies expert Aleksandr Knyazev wrote in an article published by the Farsnews news agency on December 16.

“Turkey is a country whose foreign policy paradigms have remained stable for centuries, regardless of the type of government and its ideology for domestic and foreign consumption,” the orientalist said.

“These paradigms have been consistently incorporated into Turkey’s various medium-term doctrines,” Knyazev notes.

Among Turkish paradigms, the oriental studies expert mentioned Ottomanism and its updated version of neo-Ottomanism; pan-Turkism, which is “the Turkish version of Eurasianism, which considers the possibility of convergence only on the basis of Turkic origin.” And also the ideology according to which Turkey is the only center of the Islamic world, “justifying Ankara’s expansionism in countries without Turkish populations.”

“The main thing in this ideological combination is pan-Turkism. And it should be noted that pan-Turkism was created as an ideological doctrine in Britain. Turkey itself was and remains only an executor of pan-Turkic projects,” Knyazev said.

“Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s presence at the military parade in Baku is, in fact, the announcement of a special geopolitical plan aimed at broader and longer-term goals beyond the interests of the current Turkish leadership. What Erdoğan said in Baku should be seen as a challenge to Iran, Russia, China and many other countries whose policies are contrary to the goals and plans of the United States and Great Britain,” Knyazev summed up.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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