Kedmi: Freedom from the USSR has allowed Moldova to replace its vegetables with Italian ones

13.12.2020, Chișinău.

After seceding from the Soviet Union, Moldova and other republics lost everything they had, former head of the Israeli Nativ liaison organization Yakov Kedmi said on December 12 on the air of the Mechanism of Action with Elena Levitskaya-Pakhomova program on the NTV Moldavia channel.

“For me, the fact that Moldovans are selling Italian tomatoes instead of their own was is the first practical lesson of what they get from their alleged independence. They have become independent of their wealth and have become dependent on what is being sold to them dumped from another country,” Kedmi said.

The same is true for Latvia, where all industry has been destroyed. Latvia had a highly developed industry: automobile industry, electronics production, said the former head of the Israeli liaison organization.

On the other hand, Europe is happy to have Latvians as a black work force, Kedmi said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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