President Maduro: Venezuela will never be “Yankee colony”

09.12.2020, Caracas.

Venezuela will never become a “Yankee colony,” President Maduro wrote on December 8 on his Twitter page.

“We tried to maintain respectful relations with the current US government, we have talked to emissaries several times, but extremism has prevailed. We are not and will never be a Yankee colony,” the Venezuelan leader wrote.

The US authorities have unleashed a complex of non-classical hybrid wars, including information, economic, food and others wars, against Venezuela, as well as against several other countries in the world. In addition, the United States has established a blockade of the country.

Parliamentary elections were held in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on December 6. According to the National Electoral Council, 67.6% of citizens voted for the union of socialist parties and the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole left-win front (GPPSB).

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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