Pushkov comments on Maia Sandu’s advice to Kiev on Donbass

21.11.2020, Moscow.

Maia Sandu’s victory in the elections in Moldova will likely provoke an aggravation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information policy Aleksey Pushkov wrote on November 20 on his Telegram channel.

“First declarations of Maia Sandu as the President of Moldova are not encouraging. She has become very brave after the victory and she already intends to say something harsh to Putin on Donbass,” stressed the Russian Senator. 

“So, one more declarant has appeared. Sandu already gives advices to Kiev to refuse ‘a soft dialog with Donbass’, which actually does not exist. But she is not a person who will decide the fate of Donbass,” added Pushkov.

The new President of Moldova said in her interview to Ukrainskaya Pravda that Kishinev’s bet on a soft approach to the settlement of the conflict in Transnistria did not bring success. This is why Sanda, which will take office in early 2021, urged Kiev to take into account her country’s experience in Transnistria.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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