Expert speaks about two US reports on China

19.11.2020, Moscow.

Sinologist and director of the Institute of Far East of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksey Maslov commented two reports on China issued in the USA on the air of Vesti FM on November 19.

According to the expert, Beijing now feels that the USA is lacking unity regarding how to counter China, and the US ruling class is apparently split. “Two absolutely different reports on China have been published in the USA. One report is a ‘farewell message’ of the Trump administration published on 74 pages by the Department of State,” Maslov said.

The report explains how Trump wanted to build relations with China over the recent years. “A tremendous pressure on China was applied, with talks about returning facilities to the USA, but this did not happen,” the expert noted.

He explained that the report is titled Elements of China Challenge, and its idea is that the policy of “engaging” China in the US-led trend failed, so the policy of putting pressure on China had to be taken. “According to the report, China wants to displace the USA from the position of the global leader. Therefore, the USA has to maintain the most powerful armed forces on the globe, reinforce the open world order based on rules, revise and strengthen its system of alliances, and raise US public awareness about China’s challenges,” the sinologist noted.

“The other report is titled Meeting the China Challenge: A New American Strategy for Technology Competition. Formally it was issued by scientists and a number of former US officials from the Biden team,” Maslov said.

According to the expert, this report proposes cooperation, but not confrontation with China, which should cover a wide range of fields, including Huawei with its global 5G broadband mobile network.

He explained that this is essentially a message by the new USA administration to China regarding the possible areas of cooperation, and this move is a serious threat to Russia.

“However, China confirmed its commitment to cooperate with Moscow to counter unilateral domination of certain countries,” Maslov noted.

According to the expert, China’s foreign policy has been very consistent; whether you like it or not, it is predictable, so China will cooperate with Russia to prevent hegemony of certain countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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