Expert: Moldova is set for a color revolution

02.11.2020, Chișinău.

Organizing a color revolution in Moldova will not be difficult for opponents of the current government, said Igor Tulyantsev, head of the Moldovan public council “For a Free Motherland”, the NSN news agency reports on November 2.

“In Moldova, there has been a growing unionist sentiments towards unification with Romania. However, this is not caused by ideology, but rather economic reasons,” said Tulyantsev.

According to the political scientist, the standards of living in the country during the coronavirus pandemic have deteriorated significantly and that can be used by the West.

According to the initial results during the first round of the presidential election, the former Prime Minister Maia Sandu came in first receiving 35.87% of the vote. Igor Dodon, the current president, received 32.80%.

The second round is scheduled for November 15th. Sandu’s supporters have already reported numerous election irregularities. Based on her earlier statements, she has a reputation of a pro-Western politician who claims that it’s necessary to improve relations with Romania and Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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