A political scientist names the key political trend of the 21st century

01.11.2020, Moscow.

A trend of growing instability and mass disturbances becomes a remarkable feature of the 21st Century, Russian senator, political scientist Alexei Pushkov wrote on November 1 in his Telegram channel.

“From Washington to Warsaw, from France to Belarus, we are witnessing some deregulation of socio-political life and different ‘revolts of the masses’,” wrote Pushkov.

He stated that this happens regardless of a type of political system. “The current revolt manifests itself in racial riots in the USA, as well as in political protests in Belarus,” explained the political scientist.

According to him, there is a direct link between the instability of the global system and an internal instability of some countries, including ones that were known for their stability.

“Reasons are different, but a trend of growing instability is common. New revolts of the masses become a remarkable feature of the 21st century,” concluded Pushkov.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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