Expert: Only Russia can prevent another genocide of Armenians

24.10.2020, Yerevan.

Turkey’s role in unleashing the war in Karabakh is increasingly open and cynical, because neither NATO nor Europe on the whole make any attempts to bridle it, according to an editorial published on October 24 on the Yerevan.Today portal.

The publication notes that the very first days of the Karabakh escalation provided clear evidence to the key fact that this is not another Azerbaijani aggression, but a war unleashed by the Azerbaijani-Turkish alliance, which has long-term goals.

The expert reminded the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who characterized the new escalation in Karabakh as Turkey’s attempt of another genocide of Armenians.

According to the author, in view of the fact that Turkey ignores calls from NATO as well as criticism by the EU, “only Russia can hold Turkey’s appetite, because it is Russia that will not allow any change of actors in the region and thus genocide of Armenians.”

The publication suggests that Turkey in its increasing expansion in the region receives much support from the foundations of the US billionaire George Soros. The author reminds that a few months ago Soros urged the EU to widely support Turkey in its confrontation with Russia, which, the billionaire believes, is trying to regain its power after the collapse of the USSR.

The expert notes that “Azerbaijani-Turkish terrorists today are killing Armenian soldiers and volunteers, and pro-Turkish campaigning takes place in Armenia” funded by Soros and his organizations’ branches in the region.

“The Armenian authorities must not only ban the import of Turkish goods, but also close Soros’ office in Yerevan. There is no choice, because those who earn their living from Soros are killing Armenia,” the expert urged.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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