Expert: Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic is a party of aggression against Belarus

22.10.2020, Moscow.

Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic are the party committing aggression against Belarus, Sergey Chernyakhovsky, professor of History and theory of politics department, Political science faculty, Moscow State University, said in an interview with a Rossa Primavera News Agency’s correspondent on October 22.

Earlier information appeared that Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Naryshkin arrived in Belarus and held a meeting with president of this country Aleksandr Lukashenko. Commenting on the situation in Belarus, Naryshkin called the existing protests an attempt “to try to change the existing political system by unconstitutional means.”

According to Chernyakhovsky, this is not the first time when Naryshkin has been on such visit in Belarust, and therefore this meeting can be considered as “a normal working operative event.”

The expert also explained that since the next wave of anti-constitutional protests in Belarus will be timed to coincide with the so-called Tikhanovskaya’s ultimatum, Russia’s actions are quite logical “under conditions of aggression against Belarus.”

Chernyakhovsky notes that Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic play the most active role in the Belarusian protests. The Western European countries participate to a lesser extent.

However, the expert believes that in any case, “what is happening is an aggression against Belarus.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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