Director of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service: US attempting to arrange “maidan” in Moldavia

20.10.2020, Moscow.

The USA is trying to organize an “orange revolution” after the presidential elections in Moldavia, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) of Russia Sergey Naryshkin stated on October 19, as the department’s press-service informs.

“Now we clearly see that the USAs prepares the ‘revolutionary’ scenario for Moldavia too, in which the president will be elected in November this year. They are not satisfied with the current head of state I. Dodon who maintains constructive relations with CIS countries, including Russia,” the FIS press-release reads.

Sergey Naryshkin noted that the USA destabilizes the domestic political situation in Moscow friendly countries. Washington “unceremoniously” interferes in the internal affairs of the countries in the post-election period, as exemplified by Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

The US State Department, knowing that Igor Dodon is a favorite of the presidential race, which is very likely to win the election, begins preparing the Moldavian opposition for street protests in order to get the voting results annulled, the FIS press-service informs.

“NGOs and mass media affiliated with the USA are already spreading made-up stories about the authorities’ plans to resort to falsifications in the information space. Diplomats from the US embassy convince Moldavian law enforcers not to obstruct probable street protests and to immediately side with ‘the people’,” the Russian department’s press release reads.

Besides, it became known to Russia that the USA is preparing a special group, which specializes in preparation and organization of “Maidans”, which are going to be sent to Moldavia for realization of “orange revolution”.

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia noted that the USA considers it inadmissible to interfere with the third countries in the course of their election campaign, but they themselves, pursuing their interests, neglect the sovereignty of other countries, interfering in their domestic policy.


The presidential elections will be held in Moldavia on November 1, 2020.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) has registered candidates, agreed on the order of their ballots:

No. 1 – Renato Usatîi from Our Party.

No. 2 – Andrei Năstase from The Dignity and Truth Platform Party.

No. 3 – Tudor Deliu from the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldavia

No. 4 – Igor Dodon – independent candidate

No. 5 – Violetta Ivanova from the Șor party

No. 6 – Maia Sandu from the Party of Action and Solidarity

No. 7 – Octavian Țîcu from the Party of National Unity

No. 8 – Dorin Chirtoacă from the Unirea electoral bloc

In order to ensure full-fledged voting of all Moldavia citizens, the CEC of the Republic organized 139 polling stations abroad: in Italy – 31, Russia – 17, Romania – 13, USA – 12, France – 8, UK – 7, Germany – 6, Spain – 5, Canada and Ireland – 4, Portugal – 3.

Polling stations will be opened in Belgium, Israel, Turkey and Ukraine (two polling stations in each country).

One polling station each will be opened in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Sweden, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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