Ukrainian consul in Sydney tries to whitewash his Nazi father

02.10.2020, Kiev.

Honorary Ukrainian Consul in Sydney Yaroslav Duma concealed that his father during World War II served in the 1st “Galicia” SS Division, director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky wrote on October 2 on Facebook.

Dolinsky doubted Duma’s words that his father fought for freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

“Indeed, what else could an Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists member (organization banned in Russia) and a Nazi war criminal from the ‘Galicia’ SS Division Dmytro Boyko – the diplomat’s father – do? He even changed his last name to better fight for democracy,” the representative of the Jewish community wrote.

According to Dolinsky, Duma’s father had to change his surname because he participated in Jewish pogroms.

“In 1943 he joined the SS and after the defeat of the Nazis he surrendered. After that, he having a false biography emigrated to Australia,” he explained.

The Ukrainian consulate in Sydney was opened in December 2017. Soon, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin approved Yaroslav Duma as Honorary Consul.

Authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales promised to support the consulate in the fight against alleged human rights violations in Crimea, as well as to facilitate the participation of Ukrainian soldiers in the “Unconquered Games” in Sydney.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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