Omsk Trade Union of Health Care Workers advises Navalny to remain a human

02.10.2020, Omsk.

Omsk regional department of the trade union of health care workers called Alexey Navalny’s statements about some employees of Omsk ambulance hospital and its chief physician insulting; an open letter of physicians was published on October 2 on the official site of the organization.

This is how Omsk doctors reacted to Navalny’s interview that he gave to German magazine Spiegel.

The statement reads that reaction of liberal community to actions of Omsk doctors in saving Alexey Navalny “oversteps all boundaries of ethics and common sense. “ The organization noted that only thanks to the professionalism of Omsk doctors, Navalny survived.

“Only the doctor’s mercy and understanding that the patient not so long ago went through a difficult period in his life, stop us in the sharpest assessment of what was said and from legal actions. The insult is inflicted not only on the doctors of a particular hospital, but on the entire Omsk medicine,” the statement reads.

The organization notes that the Omsk doctors coped, even in spite of the fuss over Navalny, as well as the constant interference in the work of people who have nothing to do with medicine.

Doctors say that Navalny’s rapid return to normal life is a credit to Omsk doctors who have saved his life.

“Of course, Alexei Navalny has yet to rethink what has happened, as well as to adjust his habits, to become more attentive to his health. In our opinion, the main thing on this path is to keep sanity of mind, soberly assess life realities and remain human,” the statement sums up.

In an interview with the German magazine Navalny accused the chief physician of the Omsk hospital that he is worse than spies who kill people. And he accused the doctors of telling lies to his wife.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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