Venezuela launches new fuel supply plan because of US sanctions

12.09.2020, Caracas.

The Venezuelan government announced on September 11 a special national fuel supply plan in order to counter the US sanctions, the TeleSUR Venezuelan TV channel reports.

According to the Presidential Commission’s statement, the plan will normalize and improve fuel distribution mechanisms across Venezuela, and it is designed for a short-term and medium-term period.

It is also reported that the unilateral US sanctions against the Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA oil company and its suppliers “have damaged the entire Venezuelan oil sector, mainly in the field of fuel processing and production.”

According to the document, the operation of the major oil refineries of the country will be improved.

The Venezuelan authorities have repeatedly condemned the resumption of the unilateral enforcement measures that the US is taking during the COVID-19 pandemic threat in the framework of its policy of changing the regime in this South American country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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