Years of independence decrease Ukrainian population from 52 to 28 million

23.08.2020, Kiev.

The population of Ukraine for 29 years of independence has decreased from 52 million to 28-35 million people, and no one has real figures, the leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life Parliamentary party Viktor Medvedchuk said on August 23 in an article dedicated to the Ukrainian Independence Day posted on the party’s website.

Economic problems are accompanied by a catastrophic decrease in the population: over 29 years, the population of Ukraine decreased from 52 million to 35-32 million people. There are no official data, because the national census has not been conducted since 2001, which is a disgrace to the authorities,” Medvedchuk wrote.

The real situation is aggravated by the fact that there is a multi-million labor migration in Ukraine. To take it into account as well as those who live in the DPR and LPR territory, the gap gets even bigger and reaches 7 million, that is 20% of the total number of citizens.

In reality, taking into account multi-million labor migration and citizens living in uncontrolled territories, the population of Ukraine, according to experts, is already 28-35 million. And if we take into account the fact that per 100 dead (in January-June 2020) in Ukraine there are only 48 newborns, it becomes clear: this trend, unfortunately, will only get stronger,” writes the leader of the OPFL.

After the Maydan 2014 and the criminal change of power in Ukraine, the Crimea withdrew from it, and after the referendum became part of Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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