Expert: Conflict in South Caucasus is fueled in order to open way for NATO

01.08.2020, Yerevan.

The ultimate goal of stirring up the conflict on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan is the deployment of a NATO base in the region, said the head of the Luys Information and Analytical Center Hayk Ayvazyan on July 31 to a Rossa Primavera News Agency’s correspondent.

“First, it should be noted that the July Azerbaijani border attacks on Armenia are not just an Azerbaijani initiative. In July, it was the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem that attacked the Armenian border, ” said the expert.

According to the expert, Turkish-Azerbaijani joint military exercises that began on July 29 in Azerbaijan are “just an excuse to bring Turkish units and equipment closer to the Armenian border in order to attack it at the appropriate moment.

“Turkey, with the consent of the West, is trying to kindle a new military conflict in the South Caucasus which would involve Russia and, ultimately, place a NATO base in this region,” stated Hayk Ayvazyan.

On July 12, an armed conflict erupted on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, leading to human casualties. The active phase lasted for several days, but shots are still being fired every day in the conflict zone.

On July 29, large-scale joint military exercises began in Azerbaijan with the participation of Turkish troops. On July 31, Armenian Armed Forces went on high alert in snap combat readiness check.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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