Pushkov explains what goal Poland pursues in its “friendship” with Ukraine

31.07.2020, Moscow.

Poland intends to get access to the Black Sea with the help of “The Lublin Triangle” with the participation of Lithuania and Ukraine, Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov wrote on July 31 on his Twitter page.

At the same time, Pushkov believes that the new idea of Warsaw will end in the same fiasco as it has happened to Poland’s policy under Pilsudski.

“‘Poland from sea to sea’ is the old dream of the Polish elite since the times of Piłsudski. Piłsudski’s policy led to a tragedy for Poland. Its current interest in the Black Sea gives a farce,” the senator said.

The outcome of the meeting of Foreign Ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine on July 28 was the creation of a new format of cooperation between the three countries, “The Lublin Triangle”.

It is worth noting that at the presentation of the Lublin Triangle, the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Jacek Czaputowicz said that the purpose of the new format is “to support Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations and its relations with the Trimarium Initiative.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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