German counterintelligence exposes neo-Nazi with list of politicians

30.06.2020. Berlin.

The military counterintelligence service of the German Federal Republic found a list with personal details of politicians and celebrities possessed by a Bundeswehr officer, the Spiegel German newspaper reported on June 29.

According to the newspaper, the officer is a reservist from the state of Lower Saxony. The officer, whom the counterintelligence unambiguously identified as a far-right activist, was banned from wearing the uniform and from service in Bundeswehr.

According to Spiegel, the investigators traced the officer after he joined two WhatsApp groups spreading neo-Nazi propagandist materials.

A search of the suspect’s computer revealed a list of politicians from various German parties as well as some celebrities. The personal information on the list included phone numbers and sometimes even home addresses.

According to the newspaper, the German military counterintelligence is worried that a neo-Nazi network has probably appeared among Bundeswehr reservists. The list of personal details of politicians and celebrities suggests that the neo-Nazis may be preparing political murders.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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