Has the Rubicon been crossed? Congressman calls on military to lay down their arms

02.06.2020, Washington.

Seth Moulton, a democratic congressman, called for US military personnel to “lay down their arms” if ordered to suppress demonstrations via his Twitter page on June 1.

The congressman called military personnel to civil disobedience against US President Donald Trump as well as to “join in lawful protest to overcome his tyranny.”

“And if he [Trump – editorial note] chooses to abuse the military as a tyrant would do—to stifle dissent, suppress freedom, & cement inequality—then I call on all our proud young men & women in uniform, as a veteran & a patriot, to lay down your arms, uphold your oath, & join this new march for freedom,” the congressman wrote.

Moulton’s other colleagues in Congress had previously called Trump’s actions “fascist” and “un-American” after he promised to use federal troops to stop mass riots.

Moulton himself is a retired captain of the US Marine Corps, and he is a veteran of combat operations in Iraq, for which he received the Bronze Star.

Editorial comment

A number of observers have already drawn attention that to similarities between the mass riots in the United States and the events on the Maidan as well as during the so-called “Arab spring”. The informational component is a crucial element of such actions.

Moulton and his colleagues have now contributed something very new to the information field in connection with the mass riots. They reclassified the protest actions and riots as a “March for freedom”, and used terms such as “fascist” and “tyrant” in relation to the head of state, thereby reproducing the lexicon that the US State Department used in relation to Arab leaders who dared to resist US-sponsored coups.

Such similarities in both the street actions and statements by high-ranking politicians to Maidan tactics require us to seriously consider the possibility that American political forces hostile to the sitting president of the United States are using Maidan technologies in their own country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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