Maduro: Three other mercenaries invaded Venezuela are detained

10.05.2020, Caracas.

Three other mercenaries invaded Venezuelan territory were detained by the security forces, President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro said on May 10 on national TV.

According to Maduro, the Venezuelan security forces captured three other mercenaries. He added that his people would find and detain everyone who has sold his motherland.

On May 3, the Venezuelan authorities declared that they had detained mercenaries crossed the national border from Columbia’s side in order to organize coup d’état.

It has been revealed that two detained persons have US citizenship. On May 6, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said that Washington would return its citizens, which had been detained in Venezuela, to their homeland. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump claimed that his country has nothing to do with this attempted intervention to Venezuela.

On May 8, the Venezuelan security forces detained a few more militants. Later on, the country’s authorities said that overall 31 people have been accused of attempting military intervention and coup d’état.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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