Memorial plaque to Nazis collaborators will be installed in Prague

30.04.2020, Prague.

Installation of a memorial plaque commemorating soldiers from the army of General Vlasov, who defected to the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War, was started in Prague’s western municipal district of Řeporyje. The head of the district Pavel Novotný announced this on April 30 on the air of the internet channel.

“Great things will happen in Řeporyje. We will soon install a memorial plaque commemorating Vlasovtsy [this term is used to refer to the Vlasov army’s members – translators note],” the head of district informed from the spot where the work began.

Novotný stressed that the state of the building will be monitored with the help of video surveillance cameras. He is sure that in Prague there will be people willing to destroy this, as he put it, “work of art”.

Novotný initiated the creation of a monument in honour of the Vlasov army’s soldiers, who collaborated with the Nazis. He believes that these collaborators, called the “The Russian Liberation Army” by the Nazi propaganda, have liberated the village of Řeporyje in 1945, which has later become part of the Czech capital.

The spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova had previously stated that the crimes of General Vlasov, whose name was used to refer to the traitors during the Great Patriotic War, were classified as complicity in the Nazis crimes, which had no statute of limitation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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