Russian Senator: US attack against World Health Organization precedes attack against China

09.04.2020, Moscow.

US President Donald Trump’s statement about possible suspension of funding provided to the World Health Organization (WHO) precedes another attack on China, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page on April 9.

“I feel that this is only the beginning and that the WHO is only an intermediate target. The US political and economic attack against China after the coronavirus pandemic is being prepared from various directions, and it will take place come rain or shine,” Konstantin Kosachev wrote.

The allegation that the WHO works for China and the threat to stop funding the organization is a logical evolution of the US foreign policy. Kosachev believes that the US stops funding any international organizations that do not promote the US foreign policy.

“Washington perceives its contributions to international organizations not as support of common interests, but as payments for certain services. If these structures are not pro-US, there no sense to pay,” he wrote.

He believes that the US uses the contributions to international organizations and economy to promote its foreign policy. The votes of the UN member states at the UN General Assembly against the US initiative to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital resulted in threats to deny them economic aid. Previously, the US refused to fund UNESCO after it recognized Palestine as an independent state; now, the WHO is another target.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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