Democratic Front of Montenegro: We remember victims of 1999 NATO aggression

24.03.2020, Podgorica.

The Democratic Front (DF) of Montenegro commemorates the anniversary of the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, during which NATO killed thousands of civilians and destroyed hospitals, residential buildings, bridges, and embassies, the Borba portal reported on March 24.

On March 24, 1999, the NATO aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began, but no one has been brought to justice for this crime, according to the DF.

The DF is proud to remember and respect all those who sacrificed their lives to counter NATO and its terrorist servants from the “Kosovo Liberation Army.”

The resistance of the Yugoslavian army and the Serbian police against the most powerful military force in history will remain an example of glorious patriotism, courage, and skill.

Over 60,000 Montenegro citizens answered the call to defend their motherland. However, the Montenegro authorities were helping the aggressor, and they interfered with the operations of the Yugoslavian army.

At the height of the hostilities, Milo Đukanović had a meeting with the NATO leaders, and then the ministers of the Montenegro government called the people to desert, and they cut off water and electric supply in the army, which was one of the meanest and ugliest examples of betrayal in the history of Montenegro.

The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia began on March 24, 1999, and it lasted until June 10, 1999. NATO bombed not only military, but also civilian targets, killing over 1,700 people, including about 400 children. According to participants of this war, NATO used depleted uranium in its munitions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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