War correspondent explains why Russia is fighting in Syria

21.03.2020, Damascus.

Russian soldiers defend in Syria the right for a normal life in Russia, Russian war correspondent in Syria Evgeniy Poddubniy said on March 20 in his video on Youtube.

“Russian soldiers defend in Syria our right for the decent life at home”, said the correspondent.  He added that it means the possibility to bring children to schools and kindergartens, without the fear that you may face a terroristic act on your way.

The correspondent brought other examples of a normal, good, happy life, which Russian soldiers are fighting for in Syria. Riding the subway feeling secure. Riding bicycles in parks, going to churches, to mosques. Practising the religion that is closer to you. Visiting theatres and museums. Celebrating the daughter’s wedding”, explained the war correspondent.

The Russian military operation in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) has begun in September 2015. According to the data of May 2018, 43 Russian soldiers died in the SAR. Non-combat losses, including ones in aviation accidents, amounted to 50 people.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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