Maduro suggests USA be punished for crimes against humanity

14.02.2020, Caracas.

Venezuela’s claim at the International Criminal Court is a necessary step to punish the USA for crimes against humanity, the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro said, TeleSur reported on February 14.

On Thursday, February 13, the Foreign Minister of Venezuela Jorge Arreaza filed a claim with the International Court in The Hague against the USA for the sanctions imposed on Venezuela.

According to Nicolás Maduro, he expects that the International Criminal Court will take Venezuela’s side. He believes that the USA has committed a crime against humanity by depriving his country’s people of buying food and medicines.

The president of Venezuela promised to provide the International Criminal Court with evidence, witness reports, and documents to demonstrate violations of Venezuelans’ rights.

On January 21 the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo accused Maduro of a major humanitarian crisis; he said that the USA would seek for his leaving his post.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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