USAID prepares activists in Ukraine for Maidan in Crimea

12.02.2020, Kherson.

The International Republican Institute (IRI) with the assistance of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched a comprehensive training program “Qırımlı Academy” for activists from Crimean Tatar organizations in Ukraine, the portal reports on February 6.

The training program is reportedly aimed at training “responsible citizens who will become agents of change in their communities.”

Niyara Mamutova, a Crimean Tatar activist and Chairwoman of the “Ana-Yurt” organization in Zaporozhye, who had attended the courses held in Kherson, said that the classes were devoted to studying the organization of the activities of local authorities, their decision-making system, and how public organizations can “interact” with them.

In addition, the participants became familiarized with “practical tools for monitoring local self-government bodies and citizens participation in the decision-making process”, as well as studying “effective ways to prevent corruption“.

Students also learned how to create “coalitions of supporters” in order to “defend their interests before local governments” and how to organize “public lobbying” campaigns.

The most active and motivated participants of the “Qırımlı Academy” course will reportedly receive certificates, and finalists who develop project ideas for the “public lobbying” campaign will be recommended to participate in internship programs abroad under the auspices of the IRI and will receive an invitation to the National Conference of Citizens in Kiev.

Previously one of the most ardent Russophobes, US Senator John McCain, was the head of the IRI, and the USAID Agency are active sponsors and organizers of the “promotion of democracy” through orange revolutions all around the world.

In Russia, USAID’s activity was banned by the Russian government in 2012 due to its active interference the in political processes within the country.

According to Niyara Mamutova, the purpose of creating the “Ana-Yurt” (“Mother’s house”) organization was to spread Crimean Tatar culture among the “young generation of Crimeans deprived of the opportunity to live on their native land“, as well as familiarize them with the history of “interaction of the Crimean Tatars with Ukrainians for centuries“.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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