Russia accuses Estonia of desecrating historical memory of war

04.02.2020, Tallinn.

Estonian parliament’s attempts to misinterpret the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War are blasphemy, and they will not find support among the Estonian people, the Embassy of the Russian Federation to Estonia wrote in its Facebook account on February 4.

The Russian Embassy published this statement after 73 members of the Estonian parliament signed a draft statement alleging that the Soviet Union was one of the main initiators of World War Two and accusing the Russian Federation of attempts to rewrite history.

According to the Russian Embassy’s statement, these attempts are an act of desecration and flagrant falsification. The Embassy expressed confidence that the Estonian civil society will not support this initiative of the majority of its parliament members.

“The myth-makers today are making every effort to convince the public that all the troubles that resulted in World War Two stemmed from the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Treaty dated August 23, 1939. However, did not the so-called Munich Betrayal take place in September 1938, when the leaders of France and the UK signed a treaty with Hitler to tear apart Czechoslovakia?” the statement says.

In addition, the Embassy recalled that the European countries delayed the opening of the joint front during the war, and that the soldiers of the Red Army liberated Europe, including Estonia, from fascists.

At the summit of the CIS leaders in Saint Petersburg on December 20, Vladimir Putin showed his colleagues archive documents providing evidence that Germany, the UK, France, and Italy that signed a treaty in 1938 to liquidate Czechoslovakia.

In late January in Jerusalem, ceremonies commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp by the Red Army and the International Holocaust Remembrance Day ended. 46 national leaders attended the ceremonies.

The leaders of Estonia, Poland, and Lithuania refused to participate; the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky arrived in Israel, but he did not come to the forum.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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