Kurginyan: Putin has turned Perestroika backwards

27.01.2020, Moscow.

During Perestroika, it was impossible to say what Putin said about the Soviet past, said the leader of the Essence of Time social and political movement Sergey Kurginyan in the Right to Know TV-program on the TVC channel on January 25.

Do you think anyone under Soviet control could ever allow me to say anywhere what Putin recently said? The first time I said it was in the TV-program ‘Judgment of Time’. It was impossible to say it earlier! To remind about Czechoslovakia, about how Poland invaded it and so on,” continued the political scientist.

At the same time, there are only two interpretations of World War II as a whole. One of them was developed by the West for the purpose of the Cold war against the USSR, the main statements of which are ‘two kinds of totalitarianism’ and the ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.’ This is a classical one, which is now being transformed into a pro-Nazi one. Very, very softly.

And the other interpretation is what Putin has begun to form. The next step of it was Israel, where it became a global international event. Which, again, cannot be cut out of the 21st century history,” Kurginyan said.

The political scientist explained the importance of Putin’s statements regarding Poland’s role in World War II, in which Putin refused to hold the USSR guilty and call the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact a crime. “Putin reversed the vector Yakovlev and others had set by 180 degrees. Moreover, he did it on his own. Neither via the director of the Historical Institute, nor via the Parliament; he did it himself. Several times! But this is a direct turnaround from the era when we surrendered constantly, at the end of the 80s, to an opposite era.”

And he added that “it’s an ultimate turn. It can’t be done in an isolated fashion. It can’t be done just here at this point in history, it has to be done systematically, and it will be done systematically.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Polish ambassador to Germany in the 1930s an “anti-Semitic pig” for his promise to erect a monument to Hitler in Warsaw, if he finally manages to solve the Jewish question. Putin also refused to recognize the guilt of the USSR in starting World War II and reminded Poland of its invasion to Czechoslovakia (its capture of the Tesha region) together with Hitler’s Germany. He also reminded Poland about the Red Army men who were tortured in concentration camps in Poland in 1920, which the Soviet authorities or Russia before Putin preferred not to recall.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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