Goodbye, EU! Boris Johnson signs the Brexit withdrawal agreement

25.01.2020, London.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the Withdrawal Agreement for the UK to leave the EU, which he announced on January 24 on his Twitter page.

January 31 will be the last day for the UK in the EU. Signing the agreement was to fulfill the people’s will, noted Johnson. In his opinion, now comes a new chapter in the nations’s history.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and the European Council President Charles Michel signed the Brexit withdrawal agreement. The EU Withdrawal Agreement ratification is scheduled for January 29 in the European Parliament.

It should be mentioned that the UK is planning the celebration to mark its exit from the EU. On the day of Brexit, a special meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers will be held to discuss the government agenda.

In addition, the office of the Prime Minister will be decorated with illuminations. The Royal Mint issued a special commemorative coin with the inscription: “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all peoples.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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