Kurginyan: Presidential Address is the beginning of a top-down revolution

16.01.2020, Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin’s Address is the beginning of a top-down revolution, the Essence of Time movement leader Sergey Kurginyan stated during the Time will tell show on Channel One Russia on January 15.

Analyzing the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly and the subsequent resignation of the Russian Government, the political scientist noted that these events are a de-facto change in Russian political life. He also said that hard times have come to those, who believed that Russia’s fate was to submit to international institutions.

“That this is a revolution from the top down; that this is a de-facto change in political life, and that hard times have come (not for those, who have long been struggling), but for certain other clusters of our society, and that a certain uncertainty has accumulated regarding what kind of country we will have: whether it will be the same country or a different kind. This issue is settled,” the political scientist said.

“This is the beginning of a movement in a certain direction, and this direction is clear;hard times have come for those, who thought and believed that our state will be significantly subordinated to international institutions, which are ‘reasonable and noble’. For these people, hard times have come, while others are facing bright prospects,” Kurginyan said.

Several hours after the completion of the Russian President’s 2020 Address to the Federal Assembly, which Putin delivered on January 15, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the reforms initiated by the head of state require the government to resign.

The Russian government has resigned as a whole. Later that day, Vladimir Putin announced his intention to create the post of deputy chairman of the Security Council, and he offered Dmitry Medvedev to take over this post.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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