Ukrainian sociological agencies fear to conduct survey on Maidan

12.01.2020, Kiev.

The largest sociological agencies refused to conduct a survey on the attitude of Ukrainians towards the results of Maidan, fearing the consequences of such a survey, former Ukrainian President advisor in 2011-2014 lawyer Andrey Portnov said on 12 January in his Telegram Channel.

What was the attitude of citizens towards the Maidan, its organizers and the results by the end of 2019?“, Andrey Portnov and his colleague wanted to ask Ukrainians these and other questions about the Maidan with the help of sociological agencies. The agencies, he said, refused to conduct a survey in Ukraine with such type of questions.

Portnov said that agencies motivated their refusal by fear of cancelling cooperation with them by international and diplomatic organizations after the announcement of the results of such a survey.

Informally, almost everyone with whom we talked confirmed that the majority of Ukrainians began to condemn the results of the revolution, its leaders and participants“, said Portnov.

The lawyer is sure that conducting a survey on the attitude of Ukrainian citizens to the Maidan results “will completely turn over the minds of our citizens” and called for independent sociologists to cover this difficult case.

On 11 January, the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation (GBI) introduced new special unit of the GBI, whose main task will be to investigate the Maidan massacres committed in early 2014.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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