“Anti-Semitic swine”. Putin reminds Poland of its support for Third Reich

27.12.2019, Moscow.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin called “anti-Semitic swine” and “scum” the Polish ambassador to Germany of 1938 Józef Lipski for his intention to install a memorial to Hitler and for his support for fascist anti-Semitism. Putin made this statement at an extended session of the Russian Defense Ministry Board on December 24.

The president reminded the Board of archive documents that directly evidence that the Polish ambassador had anti-Semitic views in 1938. For example, in his letter to the Polish Foreign Minister Józef Beck the ambassador described his meeting with Hitler.

At the meeting, the Fuehrer of the Third Reich said that he was thinking over sending Jews from Europe to Africa.

“The Polish ambassador answered, and later he wrote this in his report to the foreign minister, ‘when I heard this, I replied that if he does this then we will install a gorgeous memorial to him in Warsaw.’ Scum, anti-Semitic swine, you cannot put in another way,” Putin said with indignation.

Putin also recalled Poland’s actions in 1930-ies at an informal meeting of the CIS leaders in Saint Petersburg on December 20. In particular, they discussed the Pilsudski-Hitler Pact signed in 1934, which was in fact a non-aggression treaty, and Poland’s support for the unlawful Munich Betrayal against Czechoslovakia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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