Venezuela being undermined through humanitarian catastrophe: Red Cross

02.12.2019, Geneva.

Certain countries want to destabilize Venezuela through humanitarian crisis, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Francesco Rocca said on December 2, the EFE Spanish news agency reports.

According to Rocca, the humanitarian aid for Venezuela is being collected extremely slowly: of the $50 million planned for 2019, only 10% has been collected. To date, out of 600 thousand Venezuelans only 50 thousand (8.3%) have received aid.

The president of the international federation noted that when the Hurricane Dorian stroke the Bahamas, the necessary aid of $12 million was collected in only 10 days.

“Humanitarian aid must never be used as a political tool,” Rocca said. “Various countries want to use civilian population and its suffering to destabilize the country, but they must not do it. Today, it is easier for us to get funds for Syria or even Yemen rather than for Venezuela.”

The political crisis in Venezuela has been taking place starting from January 2019. The authority of the legitimately elected president Nicolás Maduro is challenged by the West-supported ex-speaker of the parliament Juan Guaidó.

The USA and the EU have been increasing the political pressure on Venezuelan politicians, primarily by seizing their foreign assets. This is how Washington and Brussels want to find an elite-level solution, using the betrayal of Maduro’s associates to initiate a coup d’etat.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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